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The Science

Genetics is the study of inherited traits and their variations. – Ricki Lewis, author of Human Genetics

Our genetic profile, inherited from our parents, is known as “genotype”.
Interaction between the expression of the genotype and the environmental factors surrounding it; resulted in physical observations and appearances known as “phenotype”.

Typical phenotypes that can be observed by the naked eyes are the variations of eye colors, heights, hair colors etc. More complicated phenotypes that could not be seen include the efficiency of us metabolizing fats, carbohydrates, proteins; and our responses to a certain fitness exercise etc.

These differences lies in our points of variations in each gene.
Genetically, as human, we are 99.5% similar in our DNA sequences.
The most common type of variation is a single base change at a particular position. This is known as Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP, pronounced as “snip”)
The combination of these variations is what makes us different from each other and makes you, unique.

Making the right choices

For decades, scientists in genetic research have been working around the clock to achieve the ultimate goal of understanding ourselves better at the molecular level. Today, the advances in scientific technology has enable us to look at lifestyle and wellness genes and the impact of these SNPs on the human population. This leads to the ability of making conscious choices of environmental factors that will work in favor with our genes.

However, genes alone do not determine everything about us. Genes play a role but it is not a destiny. Environmental effect, hard work and effort; works hand-in-hand with our genes.

At DNAcode, we recognized this and through our DNA tests, we utilized established laboratories with state of the art scientific technology to remove the guesswork and empower you with your personalized plan for achieving the best version of You.