Fitness & Nutrition Identify 40+ genes related to fitness & nutrition that helps you understand your genetic makeup and provides exercise and diet strategies that is uniquely…..Yours.
  • How easily can I loose weight?
  • How well do I metabolize carbohydrate?
  • How does my body respond to cardio exercises
Get the answers from our Fitness & Nutrition test. This simple at-home DNA test will provide you with personalized meal and exercise plans that helps you achieve your goal. Get ready to take control of your health! Ancestry Ancestry Test utilizes the power of DNA to find the origin of You….
  • Where did your ancestors come from?
  • Which population groups are in common with you?
This simple at-home DNA test will provide you a world population ancestry analysis detailing your roots. Now you can connect you past with your present! Using 100 DNA markers, the Ancestry Test identifies the geographic areas that contributed to your DNA, and then compares the outcome to today’s population thereby identifying the people with whom your DNA has the most in common. Skin Identify 20+ genes related to your skin’s genetic potential and  provides the most effective skincare regime that is uniquely……Yours.
  • How easily do I get wrinkles?
  • How sensitive am I to the exposure of sun?
  • What is the best approach for maintaining collagen production?
Get the answers from our Skin test. This simple at-home DNA test will provide you with comprehensive genetic report that gives you recommendation on personalized topical ingredients, supplement ingredients and professional treatments.